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 George Lucas the son of proud parents Mr. and Mrs. George and Rita Lucas was born in New York City. 1934.

Pastor Lucas is a retired US Army vet with almost 22 years of active military service. Pastor Lucas landed at Inchon and served with the 7th Infantry Division march of 1953 Thanks to a dear Brother in Christ, Brother Thomas Jones of Spring Lake North Carolina (He is now with the Lord) On the 25th of February 1968 Brother Thomas Jones after the morning church services, in his car shared John chapter 3. 1-16 with me and said “that’s enough for a young convert.” I  was under conviction all night and all day when I went to work at Fort Bragg (I was still on active duty) When I came home from work on the 26th of Feburary I knelt down in my living room and asked The Lord Jesus Christ to save my wretched soul, and the first thing I realized was that Jesus Christ was real, and He had begun a work in me. I thank my God for the privilege to write these words. My prayer is that the My Country The United States of America will repent and be used of Almighty God to Evangelize The World. John 3. 16


“I have failed the Lord, but He has never failed me.”


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